Newborn hearing test

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Newborn hearing test

This cutie is Dr Pip’s little Lachie getting a hearing test.

In the first few days after birth, your newborn baby will be offered an ‘Automated Auditory Brainstem Response’ (AABR) hearing test. This test is performed on the postnatal ward at Frances Perry House by trained professionals and is funded by Medicare. It is a simple, fully-automated test that takes less than ten minutes.

The test involves:
• Placing three sensor tabs on the baby’s neck, shoulder and forehead.
• Covering the baby’s ears with small ear cups (like headphones) that will play soft clicking sounds.

Your baby’s results will be discussed with you straight after the screen. In Australia every year, approximately one baby in every thousand is born with a degree of permanent hearing loss in both ears. Early detection means that those with a hearing loss can be supported to have the best start in life.

You can learn more from the Royal Children’s Hospital website: