Covid-19 update - testing and research

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Covid-19 update - testing and research
We would like to encourage any of our patients who have symptoms of the coronavirus (COVID-19), or who are concerned that they may have the virus, to get tested. If you test positive, please let us know immediately.
We will of course treat this information sensitively and confidentially. It’s essential that we are aware of any patients who have the virus so that we can plan how we can look after you and your baby safely. We have procedures set up to ensure that you will still get the same level of obstetric care, with measures to keep us safe and allow us to continue to look after all our patients.
Also, we are currently collaborating with other obstetricians to improve our understanding of the effects of COVID-19 on pregnancy. As it is a new disease, we need to observe its effects on pregnant women so that we can understand it more comprehensively. This is part of our commitment to continued medical research so that we can ensure that we provide the most up-to-date and effective care.
Current evidence suggests that pregnant women do not appear to be more at risk then the general population, and that COVID-19 doesn’t seem to be transmitted from mother to baby.