Your First Visit

This visit is usually planned for 9-12 weeks gestation. If you have any medical issues prior to this time you may wish to see your GP, who can always call us if worried, or if you have more general pregnancy questions please check the patient information list on this website. If you cannot find the answer here our midwives, Elizabeth or Carrie, may be able to help you.

At this first appointment we get to know you and your partner, spouse or support people and introduce you to our practice. You will hopefully meet one or both of our midwives.

We go over your medical history and look at any test results, discuss the investigations usually performed and make a plan for the pregnancy.  It is important to review the information we have sent to you at the time of booking especially the various types of prenatal screening available.  Your obstetrician will discuss with you and order the required tests at your first visit.  If you have not recently had an ultrasound, we will also perform a dating scan to confirm your dates and observe the heartbeat.

Further information related to appointments, please click here PATIENT INFORMATION PAGE

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