Labour and Delivery

Many women, especially those in their first pregnancy, prepare for the birth of their baby by reading, attending antenatal classes, surfing the Internet and talking to friends and acquaintances. At your 26-28 week visit, we will provide you some prepared notes as a guide to explain how we tend to manage routine and more complicated labour and birth. You have chosen to be a private patient which means you will always have an experienced Obstetrician available to make decisions and inform you and your partner / support person, about how we see labour progressing, and be present to deliver your baby.

Most women come into spontaneous labour at “term”, which is from 37 to 42 weeks of pregnancy. Your due date is in the middle of this range and it is quite normal for a healthy pregnancy to last beyond 41 weeks.

Our philosophy is to allow labour to progress with as little intervention as needed, but we believe certain practices allow for the safety of both mother and baby. By incorporating these notes into your antenatal preparation you have plenty of time to discuss any worries or concerns you may have, long before your labour and birth.

After watching thousands of women labour over the years the only constant we find is expect the unexpected and be flexible!

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