Having your baby with W.O.G.S

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If this is your first baby or the first as a private patient please read these notes carefully to streamline your introduction to our practice.

All our doctors limit the number of patients they deliver each month so you need to ring the rooms in business hours and book a first antenatal appointment as soon as possible.

When you ring our Receptionists will ask for the first day of your last menstrual period, which will help us estimate when the baby will be due. We will need your contact details, Medicare number, and private health insurance details.  You will need a referral from a GP for each pregnancy in order to claim a Medicare rebate, and to allow us to communicate with your family doctor should this be necessary. A referral from another specialist (such as an IVF doctor) will only last for three months.

All our patients are delivered at Frances Perry House  http://www.francesperryhouse.com.au, so please make sure you have the necessary private health insurance for Obstetrics and have fulfilled any waiting period for this condition.

Once we have taken your booking, a package of information will be posted to you. This includes important documents to read and think about before your first visit, in particular issues to discuss with your husband or partner regarding prenatal testing and the fees charged by your obstetrician.

Please return all relevant forms and documents to our consulting suites prior to your first appointment along with any blood test results or ultrasounds already ordered by your GP.  

You can download forms or complete patient registration online

To help prepare for your first visit, please also download our checklist:

First visit check-list First visit check-list (87 KB)

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