Birth Plans

We are happy to allow a normal, low risk labour to proceed naturally, but we believe you have chosen us for your pregnancy care and to help delivery your baby as safely as possible, and so we hope you trust our experience to do so.

It is not necessary to write a formal "Birth Plan", as in practice most people include the same ideals and requests.  We encourage you to record any questions when they come to mind so they can be answered at your antenatal visits. After attending classes and reading all the material provided we feel there is time to discuss anything you don't quite understand, or wish to do differently to that which we outline in our notes.

We hope that by the time you are in labour you have an understanding of the physical and emotional stages of childbirth, and are aware of the methods available to help you deal with the sensations experienced.  We encourage you to be flexible when approaching labour and delivery as some times women plan for a particular method of pain relief or type of delivery, and feel disappointed if their expectations are not met.

It is expected now that labouring women will have close family and or friends to support them during labour, and it has become the norm for fathers /partners to be present for delivery. Some women feel they also need to have a relative stranger to fulfil this role and have a commercial arrangement with a “doula” who plans to support and advocate on behalf of the women. We feel this will be unnecessary if you attend our practice, as we hope you will have built up rapport with us after meeting all the doctors and had access to our midwives when necessary for advice and antenatal preparation. If you feel the need to have a doula or outside midwife with you in labour please let us know, and understand this person is solely there for emotional support and not clinical advice.

Please read our “Guide to Labour and Birth” carefully and remember to discuss any issues with us at your antenatal visits, so we have had plenty of time to explain everything before labour begins.

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