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Our practice offers an innovative model of private Obstetric care both for routine and high risk pregnancies. We share our labour ward cover and on call hours in a system that offers an excellent standard of Obstetric care and avoids problems arising from doctor fatigue.

We believe this is the best system for our patients and ourselves, as it allows adequate time for a sensible lifestyle and professional development for the doctors.

Your antenatal visits will mainly be with your primary Obstetrician but during your pregnancy you will meet the other doctors who may be involved in your care if your own doctor is not available.

Booked procedures such as Induction of Labour and Elective Caesarean Section would usually be performed by your Primary Obstetrician.

Having your baby with W.O.G.S

Congratulations on your pregnancy! If this is your first baby or the first as a private patient please read these notes carefully to streamline yo..read more

Your First Visit

This visit is usually planned for 9-12 weeks gestation. If you have any medical issues prior to this time you may wish to see your GP, who can alw..read more

Prenatal Screening

There is much information to absorb at your booking visit, so we ask you to consider some issues before you arrive. There are screening tests avai..read more

Blood Tests

We routinely perform all the recommended screening blood tests at your first visit if they have not been performed by your GP. These include a blo..read more


An ultrasound is usually performed at your first visit to confirm your dates and the presence of a fetal heart beat. The next common scan is at 12..read more

Antenatal Preparation

We suggest you and your partner and/or support people prepare for the birth and after by undertaking some education process. At your first visit, ..read more

Birth Plans

We are happy to allow a normal, low risk labour to proceed naturally, but we believe you have chosen us for your pregnancy care and to help delive..read more

C.T.G Monitoring

Information coming soon!..read more


We aim for a spontaneous onset of labour at term, but there are many situations where it is safer for mother and baby if labour is induced. Over a..read more

Caesarean Section

Caesarean section is now a common way to have a baby. There is always much discussion about the reasons for and rates of caesarean deliveries in t..read more

Labour and Delivery

Many women, especially those in their first pregnancy, prepare for the birth of their baby by reading, attending antenatal classes, surfing the In..read more


Some women feel the need to pay a person to act as a birth attendant or supporter, in addition to their husband, partner, mother, sister, friend a..read more

Cord Blood Collection

Altruistic umbilical cord blood donation can help save the life of someone with leukaemia or another life threatening illness. If you wish to dona..read more

Suggested Reading for Pregnancy, Birth and Parenting

Here is a list of suggested of reading that could assist you during pregnancy, labour and birth and early parenting. Please also visit our ..read more

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