Influenza and Whooping Cough update


There has been so much on social media regarding immunizations particularly for pregnant women that we thought we should provide our patients an update on current recommendations:
Seasonal Influenza vaccination (Fluvax) 

Is strongly recommended for pregnant women.  Pregnant women are at increased risk of severe disease or complications from flu infection.  There is also evidence that influenza vaccination of pregnant women protects infants against influenza for the first 6 months after birth.  There is no preference for the brand of vaccination.  Vaccination is safe at any stage of pregnancy.  Available through your local GP.

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Pertussis (whooping cough) vaccination
Previously it was recommended to have in the week after the birth of your baby.  This has now changed. 
Women are now encouraged to have the whooping cough vaccination with their GP between 28-36 weeks of pregnancy with each pregnancy.  The reason for this is that some antibodies from the vaccination may provide protection to the newborn prior to the child’s scheduled vaccination program.  All partners, parents, caregivers and friends are encouraged to have the whooping cough vaccination updated every 5-10 years as adults  (preferably before your baby is born). 

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